Fruit Salad Day? ……No, Holy Spirit Day!



When everyone arrived at school the yard was bustling with excitement. Everyone dressed up as their favourite fruit and the entire school looked like a big bowl of fruit salad.

Church Gathering!

After everyone had gathered at the church Senior L brought up doves with the names of the fruits of the spirit. There were many cute and catchy songs. Father Adam explained the teachings clearly.

Top 4 costumes

  1. The balloon grapes
  2. The twin cherries
  3. Pineapples
  4. Fruit salads

“I dressed up as a cherry with my friend because we wanted to do something together and cherries come in pairs. Also, cherries are my favourite fruit.” – Miriam

It was great to see so many families spending time togther

Time to do activities with the family

There were many good activities. Each teacher had a different one. Some activities were:

  • fruits of the spirit rocks
  • keychain making
  • fruitloop necklaces
  • biscuit making and colouring in
  • Godly play and bingo.

Cake stall delights

At recess, everyone crowded around the cake table. They all wanted to eat the delicious cakes. The parents were also selling hot chocolates which were very yummy. After recess everyone was full from all the delicious food and drinks.

“I liked the making fruit loop necklaces and also eating them it was really fun” – Jessica

Parent Helpers

Thank you to all of the parents, grandparents and guardians who took time to come and help with our day. A big thanks to the parents who provided us with lots of amazingly decorated cakes and delicious hot drinks. All of your efforts are appreciated.

Overall everyone walked out with a smile on their face and their bellies full. It was a great day.

By Nicolette, Asha and Julia

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