Annual Report

Our Annual Action Plan targets improvement in learning outcomes for all students.

The goals and strategies identified in this plan are centred around personalising learning opportunities
‘Kidsmatter’ has continued to be embraced as an umbrella encompassing all that we do in the area of Wellbeing.

We have worked to continue to strengthen personal and inter-personal relationships as a key strategy in establishing an environment where all are respected and encouraged in their learning.

Respect and tolerance for the rights and needs of others continues to foster the great community feeling that permeates the school.

Holy Spirit continues to be a community that is focused, supportive and welcoming to all. We celebrate the achievements of all of the students and enjoy the uniqueness each of them brings to the school. We are grateful for the teamwork of staff and parents who work so closely to make this a special place to be.

Principal Report

As a staff we have worked hard to continue to develop our partnerships with our families. I thank every member of the staff and congratulate them for their ongoing professionalism and willingness to give whatever is required to improve the outcomes for children and families at our school.

The wonderful parent community at Holy Spirit has continued to be the best support we could ask for.

We continue to look for every opportunity to celebrate the uniqueness of each child and they are truly responsible for creating and maintaining the friendly atmosphere that exists within our school.

Goals and Intended Outcomes:
  • To strengthen a genuine partnership with our families, our parish and the local and broader community.
  • That the participation and involvement by the parent and wider community in the school and parish life continues to grow.
  • That community members are meaningfully engaged in the learning process
Looking to the Future
  • Religious Education will continue to be a priority area of our curriculum and for all members of our community and we will work to be stronger at developing our curriculum as Life & Faith units across the school.
  • Further investigation of how to individualise the learning for every student will continue to guide our professional learning as a staff.
  • We are focusing on continuing our work in the area of Feedback as an avenue to providing improved teaching and learning experiences for the students.
  • Improvement in Literacy and Numeracy results for all students will continue to be an underlying goal for 2017.
  • We will consolidate our whole day facilitated planning model and work hard to become better ant utilizing quality data to target improvement in student engagement and responsibility
    for their own learning.
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