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My words can’t explain this extraordinary adventure. I woke up happy as Larry got all my things done, said goodbye and left. We got to school and it was literally buzzing with excitement. Before I knew it we were saying bye the driver hit the gas and we were off.

Paddle everyone, we’re being chased….by the principal!

We followed the right road, and we arrived. OMG the scenery was unexplainable we could see everything. Before I knew it we were off canoeing, I had no idea that splashing falling into water and getting chased by Mr Costin was canoeing.

After all that excitement we had dinner which I could barely eat because it smelt like a monkey house in the dining room.

Check out some of the great photos

Who is that playing some doof doof music?

Later on we went on a breathtaking nightwalk we saw kangaroos and went to sleep what a day. I woke up not as you usually would……

…. Mr Costin playing doof doof music at our front door.

We got up had breakfast and we had mountain biking. This would have to be number 1 for me. I never knew I would be able to ride on unsteady logs do 360s and ride at speeds of 30kph.

We had a bit of lunch and some freetime in the gaga pit.

Challenge time!

At the beach
My greatest challenge would have to be looking at the raw chicken schnitzel on my plate. We watched Wonder a sad but entertaining film and then slept like sleeping beauty.

On the last day we had the competitive beach olympics I was in the great pink team doing all these activities was the way to top it all off like a cherry on a cake.

The ride home was peaceful and we eventually got back to school and reality I guess.

By James V

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