Engaging In Learning Through Thinking, Feeling And Doing

With a strong emphasis on critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and practical application, we empower our students to become confident and motivated learners.

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Rob Costin Principal @ Holy Spirit Primary
A message from the principal

A Warm Welcome…

to all new families wishing to join our tight knit community. Our school allows us to provide a more personable approach , smaller class sizes and more specialised programs to suit individual student needs.

What is happening at Holy Spirit?

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Our Values

Holy Spirit Primary Schools Core Values

Holy Spirit Primary Thornbury Value of Respect

Respect is using our manners, listening to other people’s opinion, allowing others to learn and waiting our turn

Hoy Spitrit Value
Engaged Learning

Having a growth mindset, having a go, trying to problem solve before asking are keys to learning at Holy Spirit

Safefty Value for Holy Spirit Primary School Thornbury

Safety is being aware of our surroundings, using equipment sensibly and respecting personal space

WHAT Our Community Has to SAY
Primary School in Thornbury - Holy Spirit Primary

Holy Spirit is a welcoming and inviting school community with a focus on empowering students to be inquisitive learners. The teachers take a real pride in being caring and innovative.

Giulia Olivieri

“Having my 3 children attend at Holy Spirit has been an extraordinary 12 year journey. 
This school has not only offered a great education, good values, support, and respect for my children but I also have established life long friendships with the mums that also attended this school.
Catching up on the school grounds to volunteering for HSPA has been a highlight. It has a sense of great spirit and great community. “​

Nikki Ivelja

“The small but mighty Holy Spirit community helps my child feel special and I’m confident that she is properly cared for by teachers I know and trust.
Holy Spirit gives every student the opportunity to thrive no matter their skills, interest or learning style in an environment that supports and values its teachers, families and the wellbeing of its students.
I highly recommend this wonderful school to anyone.”​

Mandy Rio

“Holy Spirit is the perfect school for both of my children.
There is always a warm and nurturing feeling from staff, students and parents.
Wellbeing is an essential focus of the learning. Parents and guardians are welcome to become involved in the school community.
The school values of Learning, Safety and Respect are embedded in everything that they do.”​

Emma Maguire

Emma Maguire

our enrichment programmes

Committed to Your Child’s Individual Needs

We offer a range of small group intervention programs to help with individual needs.

GRIN – Getting Ready In Numeracy

Held in the morning before the normal daily mathematics lesson, trained tutors conduct GRIN sessions with small groups of students. The GRIN sessions are brief and focused – normally 15 to 25 minutes long.

ERIK – Enhancing Reading Intervention Knowledge

A small group intervention program to help Year 2 -3 students master basic phonological and comprehension skills for reading.

RIDER – Read, Imagine, Describe, Evaluate, Repeat

A small group intervention program to help improve reading comprehension for Year 3-4 students.

Young Leaders Program

An induction program for elected student leaders in Years 5 & 6. The program features the building blocks for student leadership.

Holy Spirit School is a welcoming, inclusive school that recognises and embraces the cultural and economic diversity of its community. Its aspiration to be a community of connected members intent on building trusting relationships was evident in feedback from students, staff and parents.

Independent School Reviewer’s Report


We are committed to providing quality education for your child in a safe and happy environment. We strive to promote Catholic values and a school community where all are welcome.