Why Pancakes are the Best Way to Start a Day



Far to early in the morning!

The day started at a whopping 6:50 in the morning! I mean, I’m not even awake at that time! The Social Justice team didn’t have to get there until 7:30 but that’s still WAY too early. Three weeks of preparation leading up to this one day. It better be good.


Everyone was walking around like zombies delivering, shaking and cooking pancake batter. It was a real workout. Students started flooding through the gates at around 8:20 and the Social Justice team started serving piping hot pancakes shortly after.

Once the containers full of pancakes were empty and all the empty tummies were full, it was time to start the activities.

Pancakes finished, Activities started!

After eating the pancakes it was time for the activities. Now this year to spice things up, the plain old pancake races were replaced with four unforgettable, splendid activities. The activities that replaced the old one were:

  • Pancake Toss on to a target which was for the juniors
  • How many times you can flip a pancake in one minute, which was for the middles
  • Teachers vs Parents vs Social Justice Team relay
  • Quickest to eat a pancake (with a lot of whipped cream on top) was for the seniors and teachers

Alessia, one of the year 6’s had her uncle come to the event and participated in one of the contests. Fortunately he won, unfortunately he got whipped cream all over him!

Plates and forks from Biopak. Thanks Nicolette & Miriam for organising

Recycling is the way to go!

At Holy Spirit we care about the environment so what better way to benefit it, than to use biodegradable plates and forks. We purchased all of these products from ‘Biopak.’ These items are recyclable and good for the environment.

Overall thoughts

The day was filled with smiles, laughs and a lot of leftover maple syrup. But after 10:00 it was back to the usual school day. Just by selling pancakes, we were able to raise a whopping $510!

People say money can’t buy happiness, but pancakes cost money so therefore money can buy happiness! The day was a blast!

Isabel & Alessia

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