How to Master Being an Agent of Change in 4 Simple Steps!



The drama team is back!

This week the the drama group kicked off with their first performance of the year…

…. Agents of Change!

YouTube video

Here are five things to help you instantly become an agent of change

  1. Admitting that my sport team isn’t always the best sports team
  2. When I see a random person at school I say, Hello random person I’ve never meet before, here’s a high five.
  3. When I see someone with barbecue sauce on their shirt I say I got barbecue sauce on my shirt too
  4. It’s ok to say……..I don’t know

All these rules have a simple motto … be kind and show empathy for others, especially if you don’t know them.

You want more… we got more!

These are some of the other performances the drama group performed last year.

This is the Holy Spirit Bounceback Rap, that was written and produced by the drama group. They hit the school with some hip hop that week.

YouTube video

Here David Attenborough is checking out the playground space as he sees two kids having an argument … … there is always a solution.

YouTube video

The motto …

Always take responsibility for your actions and remember, if you’re caught in a conflict, blame fairly. Which means, What part was I responsible for? What part were you responsible for? What part was just down to the situation?

I think there’s something in that message for everyone.

Written by: Nicolette Stavridis

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