Term 1: Senior Summer Gala: Holy Spirit – Thornbury




Written by Sophia – School Captain

All the Holy Spirit teams practised hard before the tournament and were eager to put our hard work and determination into action. 

Everyone was up and ready for our first interschool sports of the year. We were all buzzing with excitement to get on down to our different tournaments.

The cricketers and rounders teams went off to McDonald Park while the basketballers went off to Naranjeri Stadium. 

We were all enthusiastic about competing in all our games.  


Written by: Amelia – Sport Captain

We were feeling very positive as we strolled down to Naranjeri stadium. 

Everyone was anxious for our first rounds. We got to the stadium before all the other schools  so we had a little bit of practice time before the real thing. 

A lot of the team had not played basketball but were keen to represent Holy Spirit School. 

Holy Spirit – Blue Team

For a lot of this team it was their first time playing basketball so their goal was all about learning from the experience throughout the day and growing each game.

Unfortunately, they lost their first three games.

They ended on a real high with winning the last game! Goal achieved.

Basketball Holy Spirit Thornbury 2024
Basketball 2 holy Spirit Thornbury

Holy Spirit – White

Holy Spirit team White won their first game but lost their second game. They adapted and changed their strategy during game three and played more as a team unit with their specific roles.

Something clicked during this game and they went on to win their last two games! 

Connor was racing down the court shooting goals and Marcus was dribbling like Kobe Bryant. 

The final game against Westgarth was a highlight. The team played in rhythm, and confidence was high.

Girls Team

Finally, the girl’s team. They won all five games.

The last game was definitely the biggest challenge.

Angeliki was ripping down  the rebounds, scoring each goal she tried, while Audrey was scoring by driving to the hoop, she even scored one backwards!! And Georgia was one of a kind when dribbling up to the goal. She was scoring layups from left to right. 

We ended up winning 15-6. Well done girls. 

They are off to the next round. We are so proud of the girls basketball team. 

Key points of the day:

  • The girls were undefeated 
  • Our amazing coaches were an enormous help
  • The amazing Mr Allen all gave us large Slurpees (brave Mr Allen)

Written By Annabel B

It was a long walk to Mcdonald Park, eventually we made it.

Anita was prepared, Livinia was scared, but overall we were ready to win.   

The mixed team played five other schools, and the other schools played really well. It was really fun and a fair game. Unfortunately, we only won one of the five games. Our school won against Saint Mary’s, which was our first game. 

The last game we played was verse Wales Street which was a really close game. We had eight runs and they won with nine. 

Overall both teams had an amazing time. In the end after lots of hard work we were puffed. 

“It was stressful but we got through it as a team.”  

– Lily

After a hot day we remembered that we had to walk back to school. Luckily the incredible Miss Emily got everyone a slurpee. 

“A great day to play!”


Written by: Annabel.M

With so many emotions, happy, nervous, excited and so many more. 

Apart from being a bit nervous we took our determination and had a great day! We  played our first and second game. For our first game we played against St Mary’s and then Wales street second, they were very supportive.

After our other games we were all so hot and bothered! While the mixed team was still playing one more game some of us sat in the shade while some others watched. 

We took so many photos and had so much fun.

Now here are some words from the rounders teams! :

“Our team was so good but so were all the others.” 

Livinia P

Vikki- I was very happy with my team and it was really fun. Overall we won 2 out of 4 games. After we all finished we ended up persuading Miss Emily and Ms Canavan to get us all slurpees!

They also had one, which we can all agree on a 30 degree day, which felt like 1 million degrees. It was refreshing! Thank you Ms Emily, Ms Canavan and Mr Allen for coming along and supporting all of the teams, we had so much fun!

Written by: Georgia

After a long walk we finally arrived at McDonell park. Ms Canavan as our incredible coach, the cricket team was pumped and ready to play. We started by practicing bowling, batting and wicket keeping.

Jonathan was hitting 6s and Akalena and Roy were getting 4s. After we won our first two games we were all excited. 

Zoe said “I’m really happy and confident that we will win the next game. 

We then won against Wales Street. 

“Even if we lose we will try our best!”


“It feels amazing and our team is moving onto the next stage and we’re ready to take on the world. Im really proud of the team”


With one last game we were up against Westgarth Primary school. it was a intense game but Vasili managed to hit the winning runs in the last over.

We were undefeated!

The team is moving onto the next stage and we’re ready to take on the world!

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