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Pancake Day – It’s Time to Flippity Flip

Written by: Georgia (Social Justice Leader) and Sophia (School Leader)

Have you ever had to cook pancakes for 150 students? 

Well we managed it…just. 

And let me tell you, it’s not EASY! 

Leadership team one was up and ready to help out at school.

Mr Costin and some of the parents were flipping pancakes since around 7. A job which would take a lot of flipping. 

Good job Mr Costin. 

Some takeaways from this great day:

We made a whopping total of $438.70! Wow
All the money went to Caritas Australia 
We sold about 220 pancakes
The Holy Spirit community were very generous to donate the school pancake mix

Holy Spirit Primary School Students Represent at District Swimming Gala

Written by: Jonathan – School Captain

Splish, splash, splosh the eleven Holy Spirit swimmers are off!

We had arrived at  Northcote Aquatic Centre after  a short 25 minute walk – a good warm up for the day ahead 🙂

It was very nerve racking when we got there. 

We found a space in the shade because it was a hot day and started preparing. There were 9 schools coming down for the races to compete. There were so many people.

The first event that Holy Spirit  entered was the 50m freestyle. We were so excited and nervous at the same time. The day had started!

A Special Mention

At the end of the tournament we had a second place! It was Georgia and she is now through to the next stage called division.

We wish Geogia all the best for her race on 28th February where she will represent Holy Spirit and the Northcote Zone.

Here’s what she had to say about the day.

Holy Spirit Primary - Thornbury - Swimming achievement 2024

“I train two days a week for two years to learn to swim. 

Butterfly, breaststroke and relay were the events I participated in. I came second in butterfly. The main reason I entered the swimming carnival is I like representing the school and I enjoy competing.

I felt nervous but knew I had to stay strong. Before the  whistle blew to start the race I thought just do it, I got to get to the end.

With 10m to go but just pushed myself to keep on going strong.

When I touched the end of the pool I looked up and was shocked to find out  I came second.

I got out of the pool and walked to the awards table and received my ribbon.

I thought it was a great day out and always good to represent Holy Spirit and the competition was top notch.

Curriculum Levies

A reminder that curriculum levies of $485 per child are due by the end of the week.
Thank you.

The Middle School have been focussing on persuasive writing

Written by: Nektarios – Middle NP

Still not convinced to take your children to Holy Spirit?

OK, I’ll tell you about our stupendous, superb, spectacular excursions we have. We go to all sorts of fun places ALL ACROSS MELBOURNE. Let me tell you all about my excursions I remember.

In Prep, we went to traffic school, this special place where you get to ride on scooters and bikes on fake roads! We also went to a playcentre, where it was fun, fun and fun! In Year 1 we went to luxurious Latitude, a trampoline park. In Year 2, we went to CERES (an environment park), Melbourne Zoo and Scienceworks, Spotswood.

And last, but not least, in Year 3, we went to Polly Woodside, an old boat from long ago.

Although we won’t go to these places exactly, you get the idea of how superb, spectacular and stupendous excursions are, full of magic and adventure. What are you waiting for? Enrol your child now!!

Senior School Art:


We are now beginning enrolments for next year in Prep. If you have a child who is beginning school
in 2025 please see the office for an enrolment form.
If you have a friend who is considering Holy Spirit then they can contact Rob for a tour or join in one of the organised tours on the following dates.

Check Important Dates

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