A Day Out With The Holy Spirit Swimming Team



Swimming Gala: Fun in the Sun

We made it!

After a long, interesting and loud bus ride, we finally arrived at the swimming carnival! 

Nervous, excited and worried, those were just a few effective emotions we were all feeling. For many, it was the first time entering this exciting and nerve wracking event. 

Hours! At least that’s how long it felt like waiting for our races to start. 

Finally, the announcer got up and called our school. We were a small group of nine, but we were surely the loudest cheerers and supporters. The first race of the day was freestyle, Holy Spirit supported their racers no end! 

After that, it was a breeze and we had a blast! 

“It was tiring, but we all pushed through and I’m glad.”

Damian Oliveri – our freestyle and breaststroke swimmer. 

And the results are in!

We all did a great job swimming, but none better than Jessica Farr, who came second and advanced to the next round of the competition!

 “I swim twice a week for an hour and a half, and I chose to do the swimming carnival, because my goal this year is to have a go at all the interschool sports!

I felt proud, because all that training really paid off in the race! I say, if you do training, and you want to try to compete, give it a go and do your best! And if you don’t come first, at least you tried, and that’s all that matters.” Says Jessica. 

A great experience for all involved

Overall it was an amazing experience. And to top it all off? A refreshing slurpee in the hot sun. Thankyou Mr Allen!

Written by Ella Goodey

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