How Holy Spirit Dug Deep at District Cross Country




Cross Country is a time that challenges everyone.

And that’s a good thing.

It’s not for the faint-hearted.

When talking about cross country it doesn’t take long until someone has a story about the one time they did cross country.

Do you have a story about cross country? Share in the comments below.

This year’s cross country was no different.

Before Setting Off

Written by Sophia – School Captain

Our cross country team was up and ready for a big day ahead of us. Mr Allen sat us all down and we had a good chat about the day. 

We heard from some experienced campaigners who had some wise words to share to the group: 

Connor- pointed out to not sprint at the start.

Angeliki informed us to stick to a pace and keep at it all the way to the finish line. 

We went through the course and what time everyone’s race was. By then we were all amped up to go onto the bus.

The Arrival

Written by Kaya – Year Five

After a long bus trip we all helped to set up the ginormous tarp that we all sat on, situated right by the finish line.

As we were stretching and getting focused

We knew race time was just coming up around the corner. We heard the instructor tell the racers to line up for the first race.

That was the 9/10 girls race, the one I was in.

As I took the my position at the start line with my fellow team mates, I reminded myself to take my time and the wise words of Connor came back to me……Don’t sprint at the start. 

I confidently took off.

Race Time

Overall the vibe was beyond amazing.

Our cheer squad was really getting into it. 

We had a rockstar spot to cheer on our racers and also watch them run off into the distance. 

You could tell everyone was here for a reason. Every racer dug deep and was able to finish off strong. We were all super proud.

Well Done!

We had some fantastic results from the day!

It was Chealsea’s first cross country. She is a Year 3 student who raced against 10 year olds and managed to come in 8th position. In the same race was our super running enthusiast Livinia Buchan who came in 3rd place. 

The 11 year old girls race was one we were all eager to see with two of our strongest runners, Georgia G and Audrey (who was sick last year). 

They had a strong battle against a girl from Westgarth. Georgia managed to break away at the end and came in first place with Audrey finishing in 3rd place with a super gritty performance.

Henry ran in the 12/13 year old race for the boys and was determined to make it to the next round – Division. He dug in deep to take 10th position. Great effort Henry. 

Next Round

All the students who came in the top 10 made it to the next round, called Division. The next round is on 30th May at Bundoora Park. Congratulations to all that made it through, we wish them all the best and we are all very proud of you.

If you’d like to send a message to the runners, please add a comment below.

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