Pancake Day Extravaganza at Holy Spirit Primary School: Fun for the Whole Family!




Written by: Georgie – Social Justice Leader and Sophia – School Captain

It’s Time to Flippity Flip

Have you ever had to cook pancakes for 150 students? 

Well we managed it…just. 

And let me tell you, it’s not EASY! 

Leadership team one was up and ready to help out at school.

Mr Costin and some of the parents were flipping pancakes since around 7. A job which would take a lot of flipping. 

Good job Mr Costin. 

Key points of the day:

We made a whopping total of $438.70! Wow
All the money went to Caritas Australia 
We sold about 220 pancakes
The Holy Spirit community were very generous to donate the school pancake mix

Flipping Out Over Pancakes

When the gates opened students poured in for delicious pancakes.

With so much enthusiasm for pancakes, the leaders couldn’t keep up with the line, even though there were constantly new batches of pancakes coming out. 

With it only costing $2 per pancake they were selling quickly.

We only came through a few problems, like the weather. 

Wind was gushing through the school yard, we even had to give up on the sparkly hats. We put all our worries and issues aside and managed to run the day well. Which proves we are now professionals when it comes to pancakes.

Like A Great Topping Mix, It All Came Together

It is always good for the whole school to come together, not just kids but parents and teachers too. A big thank you to everyone who contributed and came to pancake day and especially Ms Davidson (our wellbeing leader) who was the main organiser.

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