Teaching and Learning

At Holy Spirit School we are committed to providing students with a curriculum that meets their individual needs. We emphasise a personalised approach to education that places the needs, interests and learning styles of our students at its centre.

Personalised learning at Holy Spirit maintains a strong focus on literacy and numeracy skills and emphasises student engagement and participation in all aspects of the curriculum. We encourage the students to reflect upon their performance and growth as a learner. We support students to set learning goals and design specific learning pathways in order that each student achieves their best.

Our curriculum is developed within the guidelines of the Australian Curriculum in Victoria (AusVELS)and the Framework for Religious Education as well as being guided by students’ learning needs and interests. We use an inquiry based learning approach, whereby students are encouraged to be active wonderers, questioners and seekers of new knowledge and skills. We aim to emphasise real-world links and community connectedness within our curriculum design.

Towards our vision of developing life-long learners, our classroom interactions highlight the learning dispositions of collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, resilience, self-management and curiosity.

Children are assessed using a range of assessment tools and, where appropriate, are invited to self assess to identify learning needs. Small, targeted learning groups are established and educational support staff are available at all levels to support the students and teachers to implement the learning.

Further investigation and identification of children’s talents and needs is sometimes required and we are able to call upon not only the skills within the teaching staff and leadership team, but also the school’s educational psychologist and speech pathologist.