Life and Faith

A lifelong joirney

At Holy Spirit school we are constantly striving for our community to be one that Jesus would walk among today and recognise as His own. In partnership with our parents, and supported by the Parish Community, the Religious Education program places the Jesus at the centre of the children’s experiences.

We recognise that faith development is a lifelong journey and we acknowledge parents as the first educators of their child’s faith. Our Religious Education program aims to assist students to develop a deep, loving relationship with God as they build an awareness of themselves, others, the wider world and the Traditions of our Catholic faith.

Our students:
  • are empowered to live a life framed by the life and words of Jesus as they journey in their faith life
    are given the opportunity to embed their beliefs and practices of our Catholic faith in every aspect of their lives
  • have the opportunity to be full active participants of liturgies and celebrations on a regular basis
  • participate in rich prayer experiences
  • explore the notion of living out Gospel values through learning about them in scripture, Tradition and having a social conscious
    use the ‘To Know, Worship and Love’ texts as a springboard in developing their knowledge, their reasoning and their communal aspects of their faith
  • are involved in a developmental program that begins in the early years and is built upon as their knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and responses to a life and faith experiences
    are explored
  • have a strong commitment to be active witnesses of their faith and cultural traditions and are encouraged to participate in our school community, our Parish, the wider community and
    the environment in which they live
  • are exposed to many current Social Justice issues