Inquiry Based Learning

At Holy Spirit learning and teaching occurs using an inquiry based learning approach. Inquiry based learning involves students forming questions about a concept area and having time, support and focused teaching, where necessary, to investigate and explore the world and their place in it.

Students and teachers work collaboratively to plan for the students’ learning and the student increasingly takes responsibility for their learning, developing knowledge, concepts and skills. The inquiry process involves:

  • a variety of rich experiences and opportunities for students to pose questions and gather information;
  • activities that help students to organize new information and use skills to form concepts about their world;
  • opportunities for students to communicate and demonstrate what they have learnt;
  • opportunities for reflection and action based on their new learning.

Real World Experiences

Whilst all learning follows this approach, specific units of work are created each term that aim to develop deep understandings around the ‘large concepts’ of Wellbeing, Citizenship, Community, The Natural World and Scientific Change and Innovation. These units aim to connect learning areas in purposeful ways and link ‘school learning’ to ‘real world’ experiences.
Learning is celebrated at the conclusion of each unit with a ‘unit sharing hour’ (USH), when students share their new understandings and skills with families and visitors to the school.