E Learning and Coding

At Holy Spirit we recognise the central role of e-Learning and Information and Communications Techonologies (ICT) in learning and teaching. ICT allows students to develop flexible skills and ways of working pertinent to active citizenship in the twenty-first century.

At Holy Spirit students have access to an ever-increasing array of computers, multimedia and mobile devices. Our technology includes:

  • desktop and laptop computers for each classroom
  • a ‘lab’ of 30 computers
  • iPads
  • inter-active whiteboards in each classroom

We are committed to providing our community with access to quality, up-to-date technologies.
Students are offered specific lessons to develop e-learning skills and students have opportunities to use ICT everyday throughout their classroom lessons. Online learning environments and applications are utilised Prep-6 as powerful learning tools.


We are very proud of the innovative, extensive and explicit coding and robotics curriculum that all children participate in. From Prep, students are taught the basic principles and skills of coding, learning to sequence and program Beebot robots. In the middle years students solve problems and design digital products using block code and in the Senior years students participate in robotics, extend their knowledge of block coding and are exposed to scripting languages, such as Java. We believe that coding is a key skill for the 21st century and emphasise this skill in our eLearning curriculum. Our coding work has been highlighted and featured by Catholic Education Melbourne:


Holy Spirit students are taught to be safe and responsible digital citizens. More information about our cybersafety program can be found here.