Better Buddies

Better Buddies is an initiative of The Alannah and Madeline Foundation designed to create friendly and caring school communities where bullying is reduced.

At Holy Spirit our Grade 5 students are trained to become senior Buddy to an incoming Prep student. This allows the students to be ‘school buddies’ for two years, although we now find that often this relationship continues long after the senior Buddy leaves for secondary school!

This process develops leadership skills in the senior buddies as well as allowing them to feel valued and respected.

Student Empowerment

Buddies together

The senior buddies design activities that have a focus on building social and emotional skills and implement these activities fortnightly. Senior Buddies look out for their junior buddies during playtimes and lunchtimes to ensure they are feeling safe and cared for.

“My buddy is so nice and when I feel left out she makes me so happy and finds me some friends to play with.” Lizzy – Prep student

More Buddy Testimonials
Better Buddies

“Buddies is so cool because I have so much fun and the activities are fun. I was happy to have a Grade 5 buddy because I knew I would see them next year. Sometimes if you have a problem your buddy can help you solve it.” Ben -Grade 1 student.

“Being a Senior Buddy is a big responsibility, we have to be caring and a good role model.” Christina – Senior Buddy.

“I think being a senior buddy is really important. The little kids can feel overwhelmed so it is good for them to know they have someone who is looking out for them. I think buddies is a great program. I still remember my buddy from when I was in prep and the impact he had on me.” Thomas -Senior Buddy.